Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Social meeting next week!

I bet you all have decided that our Social Meetings are only a myth.  We really do want to continue with these.

We will hold our next social on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 in Conference Room 100 of Durango Office Suites, from 6 to 8 p.m.  They are asking us to use a different entrance, so I have included the directions below.  BYOB and everyone can chip in on a pizza, unless someone has a better idea. 

Directions: Enter from 101 W 11th Street into the Crossroads Durango building (same entrance we use for our regular meetings.)  Follow the west hallway and Room 100 directional signs. Turn left and connect into the Durango Office Suites historic building. Follow this hallway and the conference room will be on your right.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reading on Dec. 7!!

Wild Women Writing Group is having a reading from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 7, located in program room 1 of the Durango Public Library. There will also be an after-party at the Lost Dog.

Introduction/ "Stars" by Molly Anderson-Childers
"The Green Man" by Molly Anderson-Childers
"Midnight Music" and "Wool Shawl" by Alane Brown
"Parenthood in America" by Elaine A.
"Love Is..." by Ellen Alterman
"Spring Energy" by Alane Brown
"Last Light" by Holly Keohane
"Ashes" by Alane Brown
"Gnomus" by Ellen Alterman
"When I First Came Here to Heal" by Elaine A.
"Light a White Candle: Hope" by Molly Anderson-Childers
"Thirteen Rules" by Elaine A.
"Vamp" by Ellen Alterman
"Pause Between Clauses" by Alane Brown
"The Moon" by Molly Anderson-Childers
"313 Rowan Street" by Holly Keohane
"Long Dance" by Alane Brown
"A Writer's Ritual" by Molly Anderson-Childers
"Poem for the Times" by Ellen Alterman
"Free Write" by Alane Brown
Wild Women Writing was founded by Molly Anderson-Childers, with the support of the Women's Resource Center.  For more information about our group, or to donate to our free lending library for writers, please check out our blog at www.wildwomenwriting.blogspot.com or call Ms. Anderson-Childers at 970-759-9993. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NANO news from Holly Lisle

I turned fifty on October 8th.
I've made it a point for the last few years to do something cool
for the folks on my lists on my birthday...and this year, between
migraines, vertigo, launching Rebel Tales, and other things, my
birthday just got away from me.

But National Novel Writing Month starts November 1st, and I've also
done something cool for those madmen and madwomen of writing, the

This year, I'm combining the two.
If you join either my fiction-writing course How To Think Sideways:http://howtothinksideways.com/members/?awt_l=4xO3h&awt_m=1aS2VuEHR6aXgP
Or my How To Revise Your Novel course:http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=4xO3h&m=1aS2VuEHR6aXgP&b=zTQgsW9mQVhY_CFQVlydNA
AND if you do it ON or BEFORE November 1st, I'll give you a free
copy of each of the following two video courses:

How To Motivate Yourself
How To Write Subtext in Dialogue

Each of these courses currently sells on my site for $47.95. You
can see the details below.

Each course will appear as a lesson page in your student
area (which means you ALSO get my gift).

How To Motivate Yourself will be particularly useful for NaNoers
bracing themselves to confront the one-month novel---but so will
the NaNo boards in both How To Think Sideways and How To Revise
Your Novel.

Both bonuses will disappear November 2nd.
If you're already a student or grad and you don't yet have these,
now is the time to log in, watch them in the student theater, and
download your copies.

If you're not yet a student, come join us.
Join How To Think Sideways:http://howtothinksideways.com/members/
Join How To Revise Your Novel:http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=4xO3h&m=1aS2VuEHR6aXgP&b=70EL7iW6wfE23BrLWAy9Lg
And Happy Birthday/ Happy NaNoWriMo! I hope I'll see you in class.
Write with joy,

P.S. Remember that November 1st is the last day to sign up and get
the video courses as my gift. I'll remove them at 10 PM EST
November 2nd. This will give everyone time to download them,
as well as to watch them in the student theater if you like.

Signing up soon will give you more time.
Join How To Think Sideways:http://howtothinksideways.com/members/
Join How To Revise Your Novel:http://howtoreviseyournovel.com

Monday, October 18, 2010

Class offered on the meaning of art...


I want to let you know that extraordinary thinker and artist Rikk Morris has moved to the Durango area and is offering an exciting 5-week class on the deep meaning and power of art. I have been working with Rikk to get his ideas on paper and his work is truly profound. This is what we wish we had learned in art school. Rikk will be holding an informal discussion night on Tuesday, October 26, as a precursor to this class. I highly recommend Rikk's discussion night and/or class to anyone involved in the arts.

Warning: this knowledge will change you fundamentally as a person!  Rikk Morris has developed his transformative theory of the essence of art throughout a lifetime of service to art and to children. Come to the GroundUp Arts Collective on Tuesday, October 26 from 7 to 9 p.m. and join in a free preliminary discussion group of this exciting topic. Here are some of the issues that will be brought up in the group:

"What is your role as an artist in society?  How would it feel to have your art be in demand? Do you feel it is essential for you to do your own work? You MUST do your art because it is transformative!! Art is empowering and dangerous: it enables you to become the author of your own being.  It is highly political because it  teaches you to screen information. It is YOUR responsibility to make sense of what you see and hear in the world. This is much bigger than what we've called "art" till now. Art is the crack in the mental curtain between us and the Great Mystery. It leads us to discover the magnificent order behind all things. Art leaves us changed forever, as it reveals dimensions of being heretofore unimagined."

Be there or be square!

Jess Martin

Monday, October 4, 2010

Social meeting this week...

Our first new social meeting will be on Tuesday, Oct. 5 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Crossroads Building. 

The meeting will be held on the outdoor patio of the Crossroads Building (with heaters available) and we do have a back up room in case of truly inclement weather. Elise and Laura Catton will be hosting this inaugural meeting and will serve a few munchies and supply water and soda.  If you would like to bring anything else to drink, feel free... BYOB. 

(Conference Room 308 in the Crossroads Building is on the southwest corner of 11th and Main. Take the stairs to the third floor and walk down the long hall.  The conference room will be on your left just before the corner.)
Hope to see you all there!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Social meeting time

The details for the new "Social Meeting" have been worked out.  We will hold this new meeting on the first Wednesday of each month in Durango Office Suites, Conference Room 100, (just down the block from the Crossroads Building) from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  This will be a gathering of writers for the purpose of brainstorming, inspiration and camaraderie.  If you can't make it on time, come when you can; if you can't stay for the whole meeting, that's Ok, too.  The use of the bigger conference room facilitates the unstructured format of the meeting, allowing groups to break off and pursue a thought or discussion of their own making.

That being said, due to scheduling conflicts, our first "Social Meeting" will actually be held on the first Tuesday, October 5th, and will be held on the outdoor patio of the Crossroads Building (with heaters available) and we do have a back up room in case of truly inclement weather.  Elise and I will be hosting this inaugural meeting and will serve a few munchies and supply water and soda.  If you would like to bring anything else to drink, feel free... BYOB.

The outdoor patio is on the third floor of the Crossroads Building, half way down the hall to Conference Room 308.  Take a left down the short hall and out the door.  Please RSVP to this email and we hope to see everyone there.  If you need any information or further directions, don't hesitate to contact me.

I'm offering a grant writing and fellowship class geared for artists and writers. It begins Sept. 29 and continues for 4 sessions. Please consider signing up or share with those who might be interested.

Leanne Goebel
Award-winning Arts Journalist
International Association of Art Critics/USA

2009 NEA International Arts Journalism Institute in the Visual Arts participant
2007 Creative Capital | Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant recipient
(970) 731-1841 home office
(970) 903-5272 cell

"The arts flourish only when there are arbiters at work and civilisation dies when their voice is stilled." Norman Lebrecht

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September meeting...and more

The September meeting of Wild Women Writing will take place Wednesday, Sept. 15, from 6:30 to 8 pm.  We will be at the Crossroads Center, 1099 Main Avenue, in Conference Room 308.  

Special guest Judy Hook will be joining us to discuss our upcoming participation in a series of literary readings at the Durango Public Library.  Several members of our group attended the session last night on "Women of the San Juans" and we were able to meet Judy in person after the presentation.  Our slot is coming up Tuesday, December 7, 7 to 8 p.m.  Please plan to participate!  We will be presenting one hour of readings, of our original poetry/prose.  I'd like you to think NOW about what you want to share with the group, and bring it with you on Wednesday so we can hear it (this will give everyone some practice).   
FYI- Our next few meetings will be VERY focused on this event.  I want to present our best work, and give them a professional, polished reading.  We can do it!!!  But we will need to focus, plan, and prepare.  Please plan accordingly, and come prepared to participate!  Each participant will have about 10 minutes to present her work, if 6 people from the group read.  If you're not planning to read, please come and give our brave readers some moral support. 
We've been talking about doing something like this to take our work to the next level- ladies, here's our chance!  Last night, there was a nice crowd, probably 60-75 people in the audience.  They were very open and enthusiastic about the performance, and I'd like to give them a real treat.  If you are planning to come to this meeting, and you want to participate in our reading in December, please RSVP to Molly at stealingplums@yahoo.com so she can get a head count. 
We will also have Anna Barendt speak to the group briefly at the end of this meeting regarding some nanowrimo events and issues.  She is looking for help and possibly someone to co-ML with her and help set up events.  

In other news, I have received a donation for our lending library, come and check out our new books!  We will also be discussing the option of having two meetings per month - one would be a writer's salon for writing chat and being social; the other meeting, held on the third Wednesday of each month, would continue to be a more focused meeting, with readings and prep for our upcoming event in December, and then our regular reading and critique sessions will be reinstated in January after the reading.  There has been some interest in this; please come prepared to make a decision on Wednesday about the possibility of meeting more often.

Also, I've just been contacted by poet Beth Paulson, who will be in our town in mid-October.  She is interested in doing a reading from her newest book just for Wild Women Writing.  It would be outside our regular meeting time, on the evening of Friday, October 15, 6 to 8:30ish.  She has said she will do this free of charge if we can find a space for it, and if we'll publicize it.  If you can attend a reading like this, please contact Molly at stealingplums@yahoo.com and let her know.  If you have ideas for a suitable space, or can offer additional publicity through posting it on your own blog, tweeting, etc., please get in touch with Molly as well.  Trying to get a response ASAP- let me know by Friday of this week at the latest whether or not you want to attend.  I think it's an amazing opportunity to support a fellow poet- what say you??

Friday, September 3, 2010

Poetry submissions being accepted

Hello everyone,
   Thank you for your interest in my current work-in-progress. The working title for this upcoming publication is Reflections.
To see an example of one of the many submissions I've received, please visit my blog at hank-englisheducation.blogspot.com. Note, also, that I'll be publishing more samples in the future.
   There's still plenty of time to submit your work, but I always appreciate prompt responses. I'll be taking a few days off later this month and would like to receive as many submissions as possible before then.
   Guidelines and additional information related to Reflections are below. Please feel free to give the information to students, friends, and colleagues.
   I'll consider just about any poem/photo combination for possible use in Reflections. I'll consider, also, poems without photos and photos without poems, especially photos taken by students.
   Poems that are fairly brief have an edge over longer poems. This is because of editorial requirements when the book finally goes to press. Please see Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle for examples.
   Again, thanks. I'll keep you posted as the work progresses. If you have questions, please contact me athankpix@yahoo.com.

Poetry Guidelines
Deadline: October 29, 2010, 
                 Sooner if possible
About this Anthology

This anthology will feature poetry written by students in Grades 7 and up, teachers at all levels, and other writers. It will be unique in that, wherever possible, black and white or color photos will accompany the poems.
Students and their teachers are the intended audience for this work-in-progress. Although the primary purpose of the work is to use photos and poems to inspire students to write, teachers will find the book useful for simply reading and discussing poetry.

About the Editor

Hank Kellner is the author of Write What You See (Cottonwood Press, 2009). His series of ten articles titled “Using Photographs To Inspire Writing” appears at  HYPERLINK "http://www.creativity-portal.com/prompts/kellner" www.creativity-portal.com/prompts/kellner. Kellner also writes about photos, poetry, and inspiring students to write at hank-englisheducation.blogspot.com. 

Submit poems in any style and on any subject. Each page should contain just one poem, maximum 35 single spaced lines and spaces.  No More than three poems per person. WORD Documents only.  Please use 12 point Times New Roman. Accompanying photos aren’t required, but if you have them please submit .jpg images in separate files. 
If you’d like to download any of my images to use as prompts for your lessons in writing poetry, you’ll find many of them in my blog (above). You’ll also find a smaller selection at photobucket.com/hankpix. 

How To Submit: Each Entry Must Include the Information Shown in Red

POEMS BY STUDENTS: At the top of each page cite: Name; Age; School, City, State, Name of Parent (If under 18), Name of Teacher; Email Address, and the words “Permission Granted”

POEMS BY TEACHERS: At the top of each page cite: Name; School; City, State;   
                                                       Classes Taught; Email Address , and the words “Permission Granted” 

POEMS BY OTHERS: At the top of each page cite:  Name; Occupation; City, State;
                                                                      Email Address, and the words “Permission Granted”  

IN ALL CASES: Note when you submit your work, you certify that the work is original and that you grant permission to Hank Kellner to use your poems/photos in an upcoming anthology and in his blog hank-englisheducation.blogspot.com. You retain copyright. Cite “Poetry Submission” in the subject line.

Send Submissions To :  HYPERLINK "mailto:hankpix@yahoo.com" hankpix@yahoo.com with cc: to  HYPERLINK "mailto:ebowmanguy@aol.com" ebowmanguy@aol.com


Hank Kellner, 2735 Atwood Road, Winston-Salem NC 27103

Note: if your submissions are accepted, we’ll let you know ASAP. Although we can’t return submissions, we will acknowledge receipt of them. Please contact me via email if you have questions. Thank you.


"When Stephen Dunning's Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle was published in the 1960s," writes Hank Kellner, "it quickly found its way into classrooms nationwide. Today, more than forty years later, this unique collection of 114 poems accompanied by black and white photographs still enjoys a great deal of popularity with students and teachers.

"Because 21st Century students are more visually oriented than ever before," he continues,  "the combination of poems and photographs is a very powerful teaching aid." Kellner points out, also, that astute teachers have discovered that by combining poems with photographs they create a stimulating environment that provides inspiration for writing. "Few students," he adds, "fail to respond positively to the marriage of graphic images and written images."

For a work-in-progress that will combine photos with poetry, Kellner is on the lookout for original poems by students in Grades 7-12 and up. "I'd also like to include poetry by teachers and other adults," he concludes. Interested students, teachers, and others may request more information at  HYPERLINK "mailto:hankpix@yahoo.com" \t "_blank" hankpix@yahoo.com. Please cite POETRY in the subject line of your email.

Hank Kellner is the author of Write What You See (Cottonwood Press, 2009. Visit his blog at  HYPERLINK "http://hank-englisheducation.blogspot.com/" \t "_blank" hank-englisheducation.blogspot.com.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recitation opportunity!!!

Hello all! 

I have just received a call from Judy Hook, who is in charge of some programs at the Durango Public Library.  She would like our group to do a public reading in December! It's an adult audience, usually composed of anywhere from 8-80 folks from the community. 

The first Tuesday of each month, they will have a series of readings in the downstairs program room, 7 to 8:30 p.m., beginning next week, Sept. 7, with "Women of the San Juans." She suggested we attend a reading or two before our gig in December, just to get the feel of the room.  I'm going to try and go next tuesday, Sept. 7.  

So-is anyone here free to join me?  All we have to do is listen the first few times, maybe say hi to the organizers and schmooze a bit.
At the gig, in December, we will be reading all of our own original work!!!!  We will not be using mikes, so in upcoming meetings we are going to practice projection and presentation techniques to get everyone feeling confident and ready to go.  December is open, and I immediately snagged the spot for us!!!  It's the first Tues. in December, 7 to 8:30ish.  Short fiction, poetry....she sounded open to anything.  Such a nice gal.  I have invited her to our September meeting on Sept. 15, so we can get the down and dirty then, but I wanted to write and give you all the news of this amazing and fab opportunity!!

WILD WOMEN ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Who's with me Tuesday?  Time to storm the castle...
Maybe we could rendezvous for coffee beforehand and some writing chat?  If I don't see you Tuesday nite at the library, and you are interested in participating in this event in December, please think about what you may want to present, and bring it to our next meeting on Sept. 15!! 


Friday, August 27, 2010

Writing workshop on Sept. 11

A workshop will be presented at the Durango Art Center on Saturday, Sept. 11, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Is it writing or is it art? This one-day workshop is for writers and artists interested in working with text off the page. Poet/artists Nance Van Winckel, Renee Rossi and Christy Ferrato challenge the boundaries between writing, music, visual art, installation, and performance art, as they explore the cross-genre application of text. Unique ways to approach this work will be discussed, and there will be several hands-on-activities for participants to explore, investigate and work on their own text off the page creations.

On Friday, Sept. 10, there will be a reception and poetry reading at 7 p.m. 

The workshop is in conjunction with the 'Cities on the Side Exhibition' at the Art Library opening on Sept. 10.

The cost for the workshop is $50, and $45 for DAC members.

For registration and more information, contact

Barb Klema at (970-385-7600) or barbara@barbaratobinklema.com

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two meetings a month?? Let me know!

At our last meeting, we discussed the possibility of meeting twice a month for an extra dose of inspiration.  I propose that we meet the first and third Wednesdays of each month.  

One proposal is that the first meeting of the month would perhaps be more of a social gathering, writers networking, maybe doing some fun writing activities, and chatting, sharing resources, etc.- more informal and fun - with the third Wednesday remaining as our reading/critique night.  

Please let me know if this would be of interest to you!!  If you have other ideas for a format for our first Wednesdays that appeals to you, get in touch at stealingplums@yahoo.com and let me know asap!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Writing workshop in October....

Here is information about a great workshop that will be held at a 
beautiful bed and breakfast near Mancos. 

The Writer’s Perspective - Presented by Shared Vision Publishing
There will be an inspiring workshop for writers of all levels on Saturday, 
October 16, 2010, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Willowtail Springs in Mancos, Colorado.

Word Journeys:
Getting your creativity and words rolling with Renee Podunovich

Start the day at lovely Willow Tail Springs with guided imagery, a mini-vision
quest and writing prompts designed to help you settle into your own voice and
the property and to get your creativity flowing. Writing prompts will be paired
with several guided inward journeys followed by a solo outward journey onto the
property. Participants will share their experience and words in small groups and
explore how our writing can elevate our personal experience of things (for
example art) to touch the lives of others in a meaningful way.

Renee Podunovich, MA, is a National Certified counselor and has a private
practice in Cortez, CO. Links to her published work and book of poetry, along
with information about her counseling practice can be found at her website: 
Beauty and Precision:
Creative Ways to Invigorate Your Writing with Will Gray

In this workshop focusing on both the art and craft of writing, we will discuss
the importance of the lead, the power of the first person voice, the art of
interviewing, organizing an essay, how to critically self-edit, active vs.
passive voice, sentence variety, and more.

Will Gray was a writer, editor and publisher for 33 years with the National
Geographic Society before taking an early retirement and moving to the Durango
area in 2002. Author of many books and magazine articles, Will was on the
faculty of a publishing course at Stanford University for 10 years. Since moving
to Southwest Colorado, he has resumed his writing career, teaches creative
writing courses through Fort Lewis College, and is a full-time member of the
Writing faculty at San Juan College.

Past, Present, and Future:
Writing about people and events with passion, verve, and accuracy
Join Judith Reynolds as she finds inspiration in deadlines and other
limitations: length, style, time, and writing to fit. The workshop will focus on
previews, features, and reviews.

Journalist, critic, and co-author of “Nordenskiƶld of Mesa Verde,” Reynolds
freelances for The Durango Herald where she also is a political cartoonist. As a
community activist, she founded and directs the Fort Lewis College Life Long
Learning lecture series, now celebrating its 10th year. Before moving to
Colorado in 1994, Reynolds was managing editor of a newspaper in Upstate New
York and taught at the college level.

To register for the workshop: Call 970-403-1590 or email heather@sharedvisiononline.com

Fee: Register early, space is limited.Early bird: $99 if registered and paid by
September 15. $115 after September 15 through October 16. Payments can be made
by cash, check (made payable to Shared Vision Publishing, PO Box 3042, Durango,
CO 81302) or by Visa or MasterCard.

Workshop includes a mid-morning snack, light lunch and short Q&A about getting
published in Arts Perspective magazine. Following the workshop, attendees are
welcome to join sponsors for dinner at Arborena in downtown Mancos (at attendees
expense). To get the most out of their workshop experience, participants are
also encouraged to book an overnight stay at Willowtail Springs. For more
information about lodging at Willowtail Springs, visit: 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome to the Wild Women Writers!

Hello, writers!
This blog is for you to post your writing in and read others' writing.

This group meets the third Wednesday of each month, from 6:30 to 8 p.m., at 1099 Main Ave in the Crossroads Center, Conference Room 308.

Our topic in August will be Getting Published. We will be hosting special guest Heather Leavitt Martinez, publisher of Southwest Colorado Arts Perspective magazine, for an insider's view of the publishing world. Her presentation will begin at 6:30 p.m., and will be followed by a brief Q&A session. 

We are still planning to read and critique if time allows, so bring something to share.

To RSVP for this meeting, please e-mail Molly Anderson-Childers at stealingplums@yahoo.com or call 970-759-9993 no later than August 15.  You must RSVP to attend, so I can give our guest an accurate head count.
Special note from the facilitator...No cell phones or laptops, blackberries, palm pilots, etc. at this meeting, please. If you cannot make it to this meeting at 6:30 sharp, PLEASE DO NOT COME LATE AND INTERRUPT OUR GUEST!!

Hope to see you there!