Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NANO news from Holly Lisle

I turned fifty on October 8th.
I've made it a point for the last few years to do something cool
for the folks on my lists on my birthday...and this year, between
migraines, vertigo, launching Rebel Tales, and other things, my
birthday just got away from me.

But National Novel Writing Month starts November 1st, and I've also
done something cool for those madmen and madwomen of writing, the

This year, I'm combining the two.
If you join either my fiction-writing course How To Think Sideways:http://howtothinksideways.com/members/?awt_l=4xO3h&awt_m=1aS2VuEHR6aXgP
Or my How To Revise Your Novel course:http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=4xO3h&m=1aS2VuEHR6aXgP&b=zTQgsW9mQVhY_CFQVlydNA
AND if you do it ON or BEFORE November 1st, I'll give you a free
copy of each of the following two video courses:

How To Motivate Yourself
How To Write Subtext in Dialogue

Each of these courses currently sells on my site for $47.95. You
can see the details below.

Each course will appear as a lesson page in your student
area (which means you ALSO get my gift).

How To Motivate Yourself will be particularly useful for NaNoers
bracing themselves to confront the one-month novel---but so will
the NaNo boards in both How To Think Sideways and How To Revise
Your Novel.

Both bonuses will disappear November 2nd.
If you're already a student or grad and you don't yet have these,
now is the time to log in, watch them in the student theater, and
download your copies.

If you're not yet a student, come join us.
Join How To Think Sideways:http://howtothinksideways.com/members/
Join How To Revise Your Novel:http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=4xO3h&m=1aS2VuEHR6aXgP&b=70EL7iW6wfE23BrLWAy9Lg
And Happy Birthday/ Happy NaNoWriMo! I hope I'll see you in class.
Write with joy,

P.S. Remember that November 1st is the last day to sign up and get
the video courses as my gift. I'll remove them at 10 PM EST
November 2nd. This will give everyone time to download them,
as well as to watch them in the student theater if you like.

Signing up soon will give you more time.
Join How To Think Sideways:http://howtothinksideways.com/members/
Join How To Revise Your Novel:http://howtoreviseyournovel.com

Monday, October 18, 2010

Class offered on the meaning of art...


I want to let you know that extraordinary thinker and artist Rikk Morris has moved to the Durango area and is offering an exciting 5-week class on the deep meaning and power of art. I have been working with Rikk to get his ideas on paper and his work is truly profound. This is what we wish we had learned in art school. Rikk will be holding an informal discussion night on Tuesday, October 26, as a precursor to this class. I highly recommend Rikk's discussion night and/or class to anyone involved in the arts.

Warning: this knowledge will change you fundamentally as a person!  Rikk Morris has developed his transformative theory of the essence of art throughout a lifetime of service to art and to children. Come to the GroundUp Arts Collective on Tuesday, October 26 from 7 to 9 p.m. and join in a free preliminary discussion group of this exciting topic. Here are some of the issues that will be brought up in the group:

"What is your role as an artist in society?  How would it feel to have your art be in demand? Do you feel it is essential for you to do your own work? You MUST do your art because it is transformative!! Art is empowering and dangerous: it enables you to become the author of your own being.  It is highly political because it  teaches you to screen information. It is YOUR responsibility to make sense of what you see and hear in the world. This is much bigger than what we've called "art" till now. Art is the crack in the mental curtain between us and the Great Mystery. It leads us to discover the magnificent order behind all things. Art leaves us changed forever, as it reveals dimensions of being heretofore unimagined."

Be there or be square!

Jess Martin

Monday, October 4, 2010

Social meeting this week...

Our first new social meeting will be on Tuesday, Oct. 5 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Crossroads Building. 

The meeting will be held on the outdoor patio of the Crossroads Building (with heaters available) and we do have a back up room in case of truly inclement weather. Elise and Laura Catton will be hosting this inaugural meeting and will serve a few munchies and supply water and soda.  If you would like to bring anything else to drink, feel free... BYOB. 

(Conference Room 308 in the Crossroads Building is on the southwest corner of 11th and Main. Take the stairs to the third floor and walk down the long hall.  The conference room will be on your left just before the corner.)
Hope to see you all there!!